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College Disconnect (USPS Mail)

College Disconnect (USPS Mail)

This eye-opening expose' turns the entire college experience inside out. No stone is left unturned in exposing the corruption of our higher education system. While the author acknowledges the importance of specific undergraduate and graduate degrees, he also reveals deeper questions: Is college worth the monetary investment-by individuals and taxpayers? Will students obtain knowledge via the formal classroom that transfers into actual job skills? Throughout the book, Mark Jarema's well-researched evidence of why the college experience is not all it's cracked up to be expands into an indictment against the American educational system. As a parent or student, you will find yourself reflecting on this critical question: Am I willing to rack up monumental debt for college, much of which goes for sports programs instead of actual education? As the author discusses the facts and statistics of running a university, it's clear that every institution of higher learning functions as a business first and an educational provider second-failing miserably in both realms, in most instances. As a student, the risks are very real. For example, this book defines the impact on anyone dropping out of college after a year or two, subsequently being stuck with debt for decades. The horrific truth that students in such a situation, in order to escape the unrelenting debt, have considered selling an organ or committing suicide is a shocking revelation that we have a national emergency on our hands.

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