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A Beautiful Life CD (USPS Mail)

A Beautiful Life CD (USPS Mail)

22 Timeless Gospel Hymns. I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I had in producing the music. This was a global project with musicians and vocalists from around the world. Musicians from the United States, Argentina, Serbia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherland, Cameroon, Australia, and Colombia collaborated virtually to make A Beautiful Life. This music is perfect for a celebration of life service or just listening to relax and praise God. I appreciate you listening to the 22 gospel hymns to celebrate faith. Over 70 minutes of beautiful music.

  • Press Release


    The Maryland based producer brings together musicians from all over the world for twenty two glorious songs of celebration

    More so than any other type of music, Gospel has the unique power to unite individuals from every walk of life, and no one is more aware of this than producer Mark Jarema.  When his family was struck by tragedy, he found solace in the grace of gospel music.  He was so inspired by the overwhelming power of this music that he was moved to create ‘A Beautiful Life.’  A collection of 22 timeless gospel hymns, this album is full of sublime odes to love, faith, and family.

    About two and a half years ago, Mark’s sister passed away.  Mark was put in charge of compiling the music that would honor her memory at her celebration of life service.  While he was still in mourning, he found that every song he listened to made him feel a little bit better, a little more in tune with his faith.  Naturally, he wanted to share this feeling with the world, so he decided he would produce his own gospel album.  There was only one problem.  Mark couldn’t sing or play any instruments.  He did, however, have access to a vast network of incredible performers who could help him bring his vision to life.

    Mark coordinated over 60 musicians from The United States, Argentina, Serbia, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Brazil, Netherlands, Cameroon, Australia and Colombia. Using modern digital recording technology, he was able to combine their performances into twenty two brilliant tracks.    As far as song choice, Mark gravitated towards hymns that have survived the test of time.  Almost every song on the album has existed for one hundred years or more.  From classics like ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ and ‘Amazing Grace’ to hidden gems like ‘Down by the Riverside,’ each track has a life of its own.  The transcendent nature of the melodies is made even more potent by the international band of brilliant musicians who have been brought together for this cause.

    With ‘A Beautiful Life,’ Mark has created something truly special.  At a moment in history when millions of people are turning to Christian music to soothe their souls, Mark has delivered a joyous collection of timeless melodies that will surely find a place in the hearts of listeners all over the world.


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