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Hit Your Mark & Live The Life You Love

Forward by the world's #1 motivational speaker, Mr. Les Brown.

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The expertise Mark Jarema shares in this book will prompt us to come out of our comfort zone. The letters in his name explain the life principles to Hit Your Mark; Mastery, Accountability, Reinvention and Kick-Butt Determination. For those desiring success in life, he reminds us to focus on what counts. It’s easy to become side-tracked by making excuses and blaming others. If we want to achieve our dreams, we have to place responsibility back on ourselves. Mark reminds us to start with a great attitude and watch over it carefully. In addition, he points out that being a non-conformer in life is commendable. As individuals, we must be clear about our purpose and apologize to no one that we want to travel a unique path. Mark points out that your mind is like a magnet. You will attract into your life what think about, so ramp things up and never settle for average. By applying the principles of this book, you will Hit Your Mark And Live The Life You Love.

HIT Your Mark & Live The Life You Love

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At check out, add any special requests. Mark will write his own message but is happy to personalize the message for any situation.

Order a copy of Mark's best selling HIT Your Mark & Live The Life You Love and Mark will personalize it.  The book makes a great gift for yourself or someone you know who needs a little inspiration to keep going for their dreams. 

If you are a school or club that would like to order several books to be personalized please email at for a discounted rate.

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