Serenity DVD Volumes One & Two

You can choose to watch the videos on this page or download them for personal use. Each video is approximately 500MB - 700MB.

Videos are formatted to work best on tablets and laptops. To enjoy the full experience watch and listen with headphones.

Alluring Bridges

Asian Adventure

Autumn Escape

Beach Getaway

Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Boats & Harbors

Celebrating Faith

County & Farming

Fabulous Flowers

Forever Forests

Heavenly Horses

Majestic Coastlines

Mountains & Cliffs

Refreshing Rain

Safari Escape

Sea Life

Skyscrapers & Skylines

Space & Beyond

Springtime Splendor

Sunrises & Sunsets

Water Tranquility


Winter Wonderland

World Trademarks

Serenity DVD Volume Two Series (Meditation Music)

Serenity DVD Volume One Series (Relaxing Music)


Phase 1  -  Volume One Video Series.   Each  of the 24 videos in the volume one series is 15 minutes long and has 60-90 mini videos combined in a montage backed by beautiful music to ease the mind. These videos are designed to help train the mind to focus for a 15 minute period. Meditation and Mindfulness is important to maintain a high quality of life however most people struggle to sit still and rest the mind. The volume one series is designed to keep you captivated while creating a habit of focus for 15 minutes before progressing to the volume two DVD series which are backed by meditation music. After watching the volume one series, proceed to the volume two series. 

Phase 2 - Volume Two Video Series.  The video montages and music in volume two are different than the volume one series. Once you have watched the volume two series you are ready for the guided audio meditations. 

Phase 3 - Guided Meditations.  Once you have created the habit of focus for 15 minutes and relaxing the mind with audio and visual stimulation, it's time to progress to audio only guided meditation,  Each guided meditation is 15 minutes. You will hear the sound of a bell at the end of the narration however keep listening to the music until the end of the 15 minute period.  

Phase 4 - Meditation MusicEnjoy two CDs (A Peaceful Mind & A Restful Mind) containing over 11 hours of  high quality meditation music. Each album contains 23 songs that are 15 minutes in length. Use these songs during your own personalized meditation sessions.