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A Beautiful Life

22 Timeless Gospel Hymns

I hope you enjoy this CD as much as I had in producing the songs. This was a global project with over 60 musicians from 10 countries that collaborated to bring you over 70 minutes of beautiful music. 


For a one time fee of  $6.99 you will have access to download all the digital items listed in the store including the below CD.

God Bless!

Launch Sale - $7.99
Launch Sale - $7.99
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Julie Hutchins


I'm really enjoying the CD. The production of the music is very good. Big thumbs up for the couple who sang the first song.

Mandy Monroe


I purchased the meditation music. Usually high quality meditation music is expensive so I found your package a great deal. Can you mix the songs longer? I'm looking for 30 minute songs?

Robert Wolf


Thanks Mark for the releasing the CD. My wife has been listening to it all day. Well done.

The Making of a Beautiful Life

Mark Jarema explains the triumphs and challenges of producing the CD, A Beautiful Life. You will also learn the fascinating story behind the making of the song Amen.